10+ Ingredients

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We’ve been crafting delicious muesli for well over 25 years, and we’ve seen a lot of changes. One thing that hasn’t changed is the demand for great tasting natural products. In response to your feedback, we have developed a range of great tasting muesli.

Muesli is regarded as a healthy breakfast cereal. Usually made up of oats, flakes, dried fruit and nuts, muesli offers several health benefits. Its ability to make you feel full and the nutrition it offers makes it an ideal morning cereal.

You told us what you wanted in a range of mueslis – natural, great tasting, high in fibre, low in fat, sugar and sodium. We listened and we have delivered!

Sunsol’s 10+ range includes nutrient-rich blends all packed with more than 10 delicious ingredients, containing all the benefits of whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Our natural blends taste so good because of the combination of over 10 delicious ingredients in each of our product mixes. That’s a whole lot more than most and you can really taste the difference.

Whether you like your muesli toasted, natural, nutty or fruity, we’ve created a premium blend just for you!

Ingredient List

Good source of Thiamin B1. Contains protein, Riboflavin B2.

Rolled Barley Flakes
Excellent source of dietary fibre. Good source of Thiamin B1 and Niacin B3.

Puffed Rice
Gluten Free. Low in fat.

Low in fat. Source of Thiamin B1 and Niacin B3.

Bran Straw
Excellent source of dietary fibre.

Sunflower Kernels
Good source of dietary fibre and phosphorus. Source of iron and magnesium.

Good source of Vitamin E. Source of dietary fibre, Riboflavin B2 and Niacin B3.

Source of protein, iron and zinc.

Source of Vitamin A, contains Nican.

Contains Iron, potassium, vitamin C.

Low in fat and cholesterol.

Source of dietary fibre. 99.6% fat free. Contains Vitamin C.

Good source of dietary fibre and manganese. Source of selenium.

Source of folate, thiamin, phosphorous, magnesium and managanese.

Good source of protein, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Source of zinc.

Source of magnesium and ALA omega-3.

Excellent source of dietary fibre. Source of ALA omega-3.

Contains iron and dietary fibre.

Excellent source of dietary fibre. Source of ALA omega-3.

Puffed Amaranth
Source of dietary fibre and protein.

Goji Berries
Contains Riboflavin, Vitamin C and iron.

Contains vitamin C and both soluble and insoluble fibre. Contains phytochemical and anthocyanin.

Source of dietary fibre.

Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E & dietary fibre.